Web Site Design

I am well versed in the skills required to make clean, easy to use, functional, and professional websites. I firmly believe in having everything go smoothly and getting it right the first time, so that you are pleased with the final results.

I have the proven ability to redesign your already existing website or design and build your website from the ground up. I am able to use all the essential tools to provide you with a great website: HTML, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, XML, PHP, Databases, Graphic Design, and Flash.

I will also work at promoting your site and if there are any updates required I will work with you so your site always has fresh, up to date content. I could also design an administration page for your site making it simple to add, edit or remove content from your site for even the most novice.

Web Site Hosting & Other Essentials

When it comes to getting your website online there are 3 Essential components:

  1. Choosing and securing the appropriate domain name.
  2. The actual design of your website.
  3. Web Hosting to keep your website live on the Internet.

I specialize in the designing and building of websites, but I am also able to take care of all the other concerns so that you will not have to worry about any of the technical aspects.

My server is backed by the most reliable and stable backbone providers to assure you premium quality traffic and network uptime. I promise 99.99% Network SLA on all hosting services. For those interested in the technical details it is a Self Healing 54 Mile OC-192 Sonet Metro Area Network with Redundant OC-3 Connections Peered w/ 7 Tier-1 Providers: ATT, Sprint, Verio, Global Xing, UUNET, Savvis, and Level3.

Video Capture, Editing, Encoding & Production.

I can capture your video from a multitude of sources, and use professional editing tools to give it the look that fits your project, from simple transitions or titles through to full special effects. I can encode video to your exact specifications for use on the web or in broadcasting. I can also produce DVDs or even VHS copies of your edited material.

Design for Print: Business Cards, Stationery, Posters, Brochures, Advertisements, and much more.

It may be the most traditional of media, but it is still one of the most effective. Print is amoung the most cost-efficient and impactful ways of communicatings your message and expressing yourr brand. I provide an extensive range of print design solutions, large-scale and small.

Pens, Magnets, Key Chains, Mugs, Clothing, and much more

There are many ways to promote your business and one of the most effective strategies you can take is to provide your valued customers and clients with a wide range of personalized items featuring your company name and message. There are a wide range of promotional items that will fit with any company image, whether you're looking to provide your business associates with coffee mugs, personalized pens, or even custom balloons.

I can provide you with excellent advertising items, ranging from inexpensive items for trade shows to higher-quality items for your most valued clients.

Everyone loves free promotional products!

Building Custom Computers

Yes, I sell computers too. I don't carry an inventory of computers instead I find out what kind of computer you will need and build it to your specifications. Prices vary just as the needs of the people looking for a system.

Upgrading Computer Components

Need a new device? or perhaps more memory, a larger hard drive, a better video card, or a faster processor? I don't have a stock of items but whatever it is you require I can install and setup for use in your system. and since I don't have a supply of stock on hand I will not try to push anything that is not exactly what you are looking for just because I have a surplus and it also allows me to offer the best deals available at the time it's needed.

Repairing Computer Systems

Hard Drive crash, computer not working at all? well don't worry. I can attempt to recover your data or troubleshoot any hardware issues you might run into and replace components as needed to get you up and running again as soon as possible.

Cleaning Computers of Spyware, Viruses | Backup & Restore | Preform Updates & Install Software

Computer infected, or maybe just not running as it should. Well I can inspect your system and remove any spyware or viruses, or perhaps you would like your data backed up and the system completely restored, no problem. I can also preform operating system and software updates or install your new software packages for you. While I have your computer I will also open up and physically clean it of any dust or debris that has collected to help keep it running smoothly.

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