Kayla's Cottages

I created this page for Kayla's Cottages in New Glasgow.

Waypoint 04

I created this page for WayPoint 04 Deep Sea Fishing and Marine Adventures in Tignish.

The Ellis Family Band

I created this site for the band so they could post info on upcomming events, some pictures, samples of their songs, and so thier fans could contact them.

Creative Child Care

On this site that I created for Creative Child Care each page has it's own slideshow, the "About Us" page has some popups for information on their different programs.

Armageddon Paintball Inc.

This is a simple site I made for Armageddon Paintball.

Charlottetown Bottle & Metal Ltd.

I made this simple site for the bottle exchange. The bottle types and prices are stored in a mysql database and I created him a simple content management page so he can easily edit the values, when needed.

Example of Content Management

I created this site as an example of custom content management. The content for the houses page is stored in a database allowing for easy management on the Admin page (which would normally be password protected) Found HERE. It should also be noted that the pictures uploaded are resized before being stored in the database allowing the owner to large pictures without worrying about the size of files nor slowing down the loading of the page for visitors. It also allows for multiple pictures per house.

This is just a rather simple example of content management, the admin section and webpage could allow for any fields and/or files that were wanted and be styled however desired.

Old AndrewBurleigh.com

This is the site I used to have here at AndrewBurleigh.com It has many examples of different thigs I have coded in the past many of which can be accessed through this page's archives.

Click on a site's image to open that page in a new browser window.
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