Make Your Own Site

I created this after Project B as a simpler way to administer the look and layout of the site, and this also allows the admin to add/remove items from the various pages on the site instead of just styling the ones already placed there as in Project B. It is a little more complex but requires no knowledge of CSS everything is input with simple form input, sliders and a nice color picker which creates the nessissary CSS. Then when editing an item the page parses the CSS saved to populate the forms with that item's info. In this example I had to protect some items from being edited or deleted otherwise malicious users would remove everything making the example pointless.
I Have Updated this site to let multiple users create/edit their websites. I have also added advanced features such as image editing, painting a picture, and the ability to add slideshows and image galleries. The page can also create html files and upload them and any other files to a given server via FTP.

If you would like an account to make your own site or have any suggestions on improving it please send me a comment.

Image Gallery

I created this Gallery to display some screen shots of some of the different web site templates I have. The great feature with this gallery is that it is one PHP page which reads a directory on the server which creates the display and navagation based on what is in the directory so to add or remove items I simply have to add/remove files from that folder on my server.
I have updated this gallery with some JavaScript. It now loads the large images on the same page when clicked with zoom effect. Cusrors were also changed on images and loading is displayed if time is needed to pull the large image. Large images are overlaid with a link in upper left. The Large images can be moved around by draging them also left, right, up & down arrow keys will display previous or next image (or minimize if going past first or last image). Also when enlarging it uses available space in browser window but if the large images are larger than this space they can be enlarged a second time to full size by clicking the arrows icon in the lower right. Clicking anywhere on full size image will take you back to thumbnails.

Graphical Text Examples

I created this page to display some of the differnet examples of graphical text with different fonts and filters applied to give a variety of different looks.

Sound Gallery

I created this page so I could organize and quickly listen to some different sound effects that I have for use in various projects. it is similar to the image gallery in that it reads various folders on the server and automatically makes the pages based on the folders and files there, so if I want to add or remove sounds to a catagory I just have to add or remove them from the folder on my server. It is able to do this since the little flash play button reads file by URL parameter.

Flash Player

I created this player in flash. It reads an XML file which it parses to get the information such as file, title, artist and then will play those files. On the first page it is embedded into a small area in it's smaller form. clicking the yellow icon on the player will open it in it's own window in it's larger form and then clicking the little white down arrow will expand the window to show full play list and the window can be contracted again as well.

James Bond Flash Page

I created this page as a demo flash site. It simply displays the different covers for the James Bond Movies. The actor menu on the left expands and contracts then the bar along the bottom displays the different movies for that actor, there are sounds and transistions added for effect as well.

Project B

I created this example smiliar to a site I made for a client. Which I can't really link to as you don't have a user account to view his material. It requires users to login to the main page. On the Administration page User accounts can be created and administered, as well as pages added/removed from the site and their content edited, pictures and videos can also be uploaded and there are stats on useage. on this example I also decided to add the ability to skin or change the look and layout of the site although this is likely beyond the average user. In this example I had to protect some items from being edited or deleted otherwise malicious users would remove everything making the example pointless.

My Advanced Photo Album

I created this page many years ago mainly just to gain an understanding of the image filters and some other javascript functions. This page is only fully functional in Internet Explorer as at the time there was no firefox and netscape could not use the filters. The page takes some time to load as it is preloading the pictures for some of the catarories. once loaded click one of the catagory buttons then each yellow button will display a different picture depending whether you just mouseover or right click or left click on them. Some catagories also have a second accessed by double clicking. There are also options to brighten, darken, blur, zoom, flip, make black & white and more.

Click on a site's image to open that page in a new browser window.
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